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You can probably feel that there is more to your love life and you are eager to discover that.

First we must face the uncomfortable truth. Let me ask you:

  • Do you more often than not end up scrolling on social media and doing random unfulfilling things rather then enjoying your pleasure and intimacy?
  • Do you feel that things between you and your partner are not the way they used to be, when you could spend all day in bed exploring each other's bodies oblivious to time?
  • Maybe you’ve at times felt a bit closed off and unable to express yourself sexually and truly be who you are?
  • Have you ever felt afraid that if you’d really show yourself in your full sexual power your partner would get overwhelmed?
  • Do you wish your partner would come one day and ravish you? Savour your entire being and take their time to feel every inch of your body?
  • Is there a feeling in you that you could feel much more pleasure and you feel drawn to dive into it?
  • And finally, do you feel that there is something deeply sacred about sexuality and you wish to have more tools to experience it?

If your answers are Yes, then you are ready to discover sacred sexuality and realize your full potential in love and life and the Limitless Love Online course is here to help you do that!

Who am I, and what makes me qualified to be your Sacred Sexuality teacher?

sofia sundari

I’m Sofia Sundari, an international sacred sexuality teacher, bestselling author, founder of two mystery schools, the Priestess School and the Serpent Mystery School, creator of five online courses on love & sexuality.

I've worked in this field for years and from my personal experience and I can tell you with confidence - you can have the life you desire!

Your unleashed sexuality is your door to your highest potential. Door ready to be opened. Trust me when I say that you can be loved and honored for who you are and that your radiance is exactly the medicine that the world needs right now.

It would be my honor to help you discover that.

Throughout my career I have guided thousands of people all over the world into total personal transformations. Read on and find out how you can tap into your sexuality and transform your life!

This course offers techniques and practices that will help you expand and open up beyond what you ever thought was possible. It will help you find the source of happiness in your life.

"Sofia, this has been an incredible journey which opened up a new dimension for me. Words are not enough to describe my appreciation of the course, the material and most importantly your knowledge of the subject and guidance. This course could not have come at a better time, as Ana and I were at a crossroad with our sexual relationship. Now we are alive and our energy is high and we have a much deeper appreciation of each other and with the spiritual path we’ve been on for the last years, we are closer to each other than ever before. We will continue practicing and hope to join more of your courses. Thank you soooo much. With Love…"

- Gabriel Youssef

How can this course bring change into your life?

sofia sundari

Transform Your Sexuality Into a Sacred Spiritual Practice

What is commonly associated with sexuality is kissing, touching, penetration and rush to the goal of orgasm. In reality this is only a fraction of what is possible.

Through this online course you will learn how sex can be the most incredible thing you and your beloved partner can experience in timeless love making sessions where your souls merge and your hearts expand into the mystery of who you are.

The Limitless Love Online Course will support you with:

Deepening in Your Relationship(s)
Deepening relationship brings happiness, along with deeper, clearer and more harmonious togetherness. This online course has tools that will help you discover your true god(dess) nature. Meaning that you can actually have a direct experience of seeing and honoring each other as divine beings. Forget about the “who does the dishes?” discussions. Those lose their drama in an instant.

Accessing Your Erotic Power
Empower yourself and gain the confidence to access and express who you are, including your erotic nature in the fullest. It will give you power for deeper connection with yourself and your partner to manifest the life you desire. Maybe you’ve been working on other areas of your life, but have been skipping sexuality so far.

What if sex could become your most potent spiritual practice?

Through sacred sexual rituals that help you overcome shame, guilt and limiting beliefs you will have healing experiences. This healing will give you the feeling of being deeply grounded in the fullness of your life. Making you radiantly alive and ecstatic no matter whether you are on your own or with your partner.

Harnessing and Utilizing Your Energy
Explore advanced Tantric techniques to feel, move and master your sexual energy. This way you stop being controlled by your sexual energy. This online course will teach you how to play with and use this potent resource to expand in all areas of your life. When mastered, techniques from this course can be used for healing, mastery of ejaculation and expansion into big, orgasmic states.

Experiencing Deeper and Multiple Orgasms
By expanding your pleasure curves, you begin accessing mystical states of orgasms. States you didn’t know were possible and this will change your life! With these deep orgasms you access the mystical essence of your soul, and expansion and states of consciousness that no substance can ever provide.

"Sofia, I am immensely grateful for all the energy you put in creating and leading this program. It has been a journey of total transformation in such a short time. My sexual energy is alive, is available when I choose to tap into it, it is creating incredibly deep connections with myself and my husband, it is inviting me to cross deeper limits and explore unexpected places... I was looking for this a long time ago and it just showed up at the right moment for us as a couple. It has open doors that I just want to continue exploring and deepening without hesitation. Thank you...the resources we now have at our disposal are gems! Looking forward to the next.."

- Ana Noriega

How Does This Online Course Work?

At this point you may be wondering about how exactly this online course works.

Here are the reasons that make this course most complete Sacred Sexuality Online Course out there:

Top-quality 6-Week Video Journey made with the Highest Level of Care and Elegance

This is a perfect way to learn how Sacred Sexuality works and try it out right away. Because all my teachings come in video format which includes interesting theory lectures, guided follow-along practices with (explicit) demos of couples and myself. Along with beautiful inspirational videos and bonus materials you get the juiciest homework of your life.

Guided Lovemaking Rituals

We won’t just be talking about Tantric techniques, we will be practicing them. As a part of the course you will be offered a lovemaking ritual. In this ritual I’ll be guiding you via step-by-step audio into a Tantric lovemaking experience. This type of guided practice has highly transformative potential.

Lifelong Access to these Precious Materials

Once the course opens you get access to the first week materials. The idea is not to overwhelm you with too much material, so we’ll go through modules weekly. Once we go through the six weeks together you can study and re-visit everything months or years from now, together with your partner or the soulmate you are still waiting for.

Study from Your Space of Comfort

This online course is intended to for your most comfortable space. To help in that I made sure that all modern devices with internet connectivity are supported. This allows you to learn from the privacy and comfort of your bed.

Elegant, Tasteful Material

Since this course contains powerful practices, some of which contain explicit materials, me and the production team took extra care that it doesn’t feel awkward or irritating, but warm and inspiring. This consists of high-quality material that feels safe to study.

What Does It Feel Like To Tap Into Your Erotic Nature?

It feels like finding the Fountain of Youth. These practices and teachings will guide you to your most potent source of energy. You’ll begin to feel a boost of energy and life force. It will bring change in you where you will feel more joyful, alive and happy, as well as bringing freshness and novelty into your intimacy and love life. Benefits you feel from this transformation also expand into a feeling of fulfillment in all areas of your life.

I bet you feel as if you’ve always known that there is something more powerful to sex, but you have no idea what it is. Allowing this change in your life transforms you into a whole new person.

Are you ready to start living fully, feeling vibrancy in every cell?

What To Do If My Partner Doesn't Want To Explore Sacred Sexuality?

The fear of the unknown often prevents us to take steps towards change and trying something new. On top of that, with many couples there exists an issue with opening up to deep levels of intimacy.

Sacred Sexuality Space can be especially intimidating because it challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and invites you to truly show yourself. In these practices we tap into areas which carry a lot of shame in our collective consciousness. In this space we can openly discuss intimate desires with transparency. For people who are not used to it or not used to talk about sex, it may feel weird or unusual. Another thing is that most people don't even consider they need help in this area of their life.

From my own experience I feel every single person on this planet needs and deserves sexual healing and empowerment.

If you see that your partner is avoiding the suggestion of practicing Sacred Sexuality with you, and shows no interest whatsoever, you can share with them how you feel and what you desire. Before doing that take some time and really contemplate and why you would like to share this with them.

Think about what you love about your relationship as it is now. What your needs and desires for your relationship. What do you really wish for and how do you want to feel in this relationship? What kind of state do you want to be in? What are your intentions?

Make the first step to show your vulnerability to your partner. Avoid blaming and pointing fingers. Stay with owning your needs and desires.

If your partner stays closed – don't worry. You can do the complete course by yourself. Many single people join this course. Once your partner sees your radiance and joy, they might take an interest in what it is you are doing…

"I took this course as a spontaneous last second decision and what a ride it’s been for me since. I remember the discovery of each concept and how it blew my mind with excitement, with resonance, with freshness, with some kind of certainty that THIS is how it should be… since then, I’ve been feeling so alive, so much more connected with my body, falling in love with everything this life has to offer, present, human, sensual… aaaaah and the list goes on. How lucky are you to be about to embark on what could impact your life in one of the most significant and explosive ways! There’s a lot of stuff out there online, but this course really makes you feel safe… Sofia takes you through everything so whole heatedly and reinforces the sacredness of sexuality. There is absolutely no sleaze here, just decency and a beautiful lens on the magical essence that tantra is. "

- Lana

Your Instructor

Sofia Sundari
Sofia Sundari

Sofia Sundari is the bestselling author of the book Liberation into Orgasm, founder of the Priestess School and the Serpent Mystery School (previously Tantra Mystery School), world leading authority in the Yoni Egg practice, and facilitator of courses on Tantric & Taoist sexuality. She helps people rediscover the innocence and sacredness of their sexuality, and start experiencing their open, unashamed eroticism as a portal to internal freedom.

After leaving her law career, Sofia spent 5 years in Asia and a year in the desert in the USA studying the secrets of Tantra, Taoism, and Western Esoteric Science, and diving deep in extended meditation retreats (the longest one lasting 8 months). Sofia has been facilitating courses in healing and spiritual modalities for over a decade. She’s held over 30 worldwide trainings, developed five online courses on the subject of sacred sexuality and garners a strong online following of over 100,000 people.

Sofia has been featured in Elephant Journal, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal and on a number of Conscious Sexuality and Femininity summits and podcasts.

Russian born, she currently lives between two of her favorite islands: Ibiza and Bali.

Course Curriculum

"I am impressed about all the LOVE that Sofia and team with whom she created this online course put into it! The quality of each session’s content is amazing. Sofia made a wonderful overview what Sacred Sexuality is about and through practical exercises let participants not only learn about it mentally, but enabled to experience what Sacred Sexuality actually is. Professional videos both when Sofia explains something and when practical demos are shown made me instantly fall in love with watching the lessons and looking forward to next ones. Attention to detail and beauty was present in everything. I highly appreciated live demos which were created with incredible vulnerability and realness. Big acknowledgement to all who took part in demos. I knew most of people there and it was therefore even more precious to watch them. Simply wow!"

- participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sacred Sexuality really for me?
Are you ready to awaken your erotic nature? Express your wild untamable beauty? Feel radiantly alive? If you can answer all of those questions with a loud “YES” then Tantra is for you. Tantra works for everyone: for lovers who have just fallen in love, couples that have been together for years and singles of any age that want to experience a new kind of intimacy and sacred sex. You will be able to feel more, express more and channel this new energy into something higher.
Can I learn this somewhere else and cheaper?
You can learn a lot through books and there are plenty of tips that you can find online and for free. But let’s be honest, often we don’t really apply those things. My Tantra course facilitates a step-by-step, authentic transformative system for taking your sex life to the next level and accelerating your growth as a human being. The environment of the course is supporting you to really practice. I want you to make the most out of it! Together with my team, we dedicated a lot of time, energy and heart into this online video course to make it an extraordinary, transformative experience.
Do I have to be in a relationship to do the online course?
No! We designed the course for lovers who just got to know each other and want to have a Tantric adventure, for married couples who have been together for years and want to rekindle their passion and for single lovers who simply want to learn more about Tantra and nourish the relationship with themselves. Being single is actually the best time to ramp up your skills for future lovers. Most tools and techniques taught in the online course can be practiced alone, some do require a partner. If you are not in a relationship, simply get inspired and try it out once you have somebody to play with.
How can the course help me if I am single?
There are many practices in the course that you can do by yourself. Being single is a great time to nourish the most important relationship you have in your life: with yourself. Investing in yourself and becoming a Tantric lover in the process will not only make you more attractive and magnetizing to manifest the right partner in your life… But your future lovers will thank you for your erotic authenticity as well.
How many hours do I need to invest in order to see benefits?
I encourage you to practice every day for at least 10 minutes. Either by yourself or with a partner. Plus weekly rituals that take 2-3 hours. So even if you have a busy schedule, you will be able to follow through and implement!
I am pretty content with my sexuality, I have never had any sexual trauma, I have amazing orgasms and can make love for hours. Will I still benefits?
Yes. From my own experience, I know that there is no end to the degree of erotic opening… We can always go deeper and deeper into our erotic unfoldment. If you notice that the course doesn’t bring you more depth, you can always return the course within 30 days after purchase. No questions asked!
I suffer from premature ejaculation, will this course help me?
Yes, in this course I address the issue of “premature ejaculation” and actually show you that it is not an issue at all! You will even forget this phrase. It takes but a tweak of mind and awareness.
I have been sexually abused and suffered from traumatic experiences, will this course help me?
Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. On a global scale, this number is probably even lower. Sexual abuse has to come out of the darkness and needs to be addressed. Depending on your inner state, you might need extra support from a medical professional. Besides that, if you feel called to do this course, it can be incredibly healing as our sexual energy can provide incredible amounts of healing – when used correctly. If you are doubting, please send us an email and we will be able to advise you and offer you extra support.
I have never had an orgasm, will this course help?
Yes! You’ll learn incredible tools that help you feel more, become more aware of your body sensations and turn up the intensity of your pleasure. I’ll provide you with techniques to become more relaxed which help you to surrender into the powerful mysteries of your orgasmic being. You might even learn that you were looking for orgasms in the wrong place!
When does the course start and finish? How long do I have access?
You can start with the first week of the course immediately after signing up. Each week you get access to the weekly materials. And it never disappears – you get lifelong access. This means you can study with your current partner or alone, plus with any future soul-mates that might appear. “Lifelong access?” you might say, “what happens when you stop offering this?”. Here’s my promise: If I ever shut my course down for any reasons, you will get an opportunity to download all the materials beforehand. I want those teachings to stick around forever. So yes, lifelong it is!
What if I join and then decide it’s not for me?
Some decisions in life are irreversible. This is not one of them. If you are super excited and join the course now, but realize in a few days that you don’t like what you bought… no problem. Just shoot me an email within 30 days, and I’ll refund you 100%. No hard feelings!! If you are unsure, I encourage you to simply give it a try. If you don’t like it, the money will be back on your Credit Card before you even notice.
Will this work on my computer/tablet/phone?
Yes, this course works on any device that has a web browser. All you need is internet access that is capable of streaming videos. That means it works great on smartphones (iPhone, Android and more), tablets, laptops, etc.

This Online Course Comes With A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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